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Sentinel HL Data Sheet - Driverless configuration

Data Center Encryption Survey - Executive Summary

Many want to make data center consolidation happen, but few have actually done so. While cloud offerings and virtualization have opened up a path for realizing the benefits of consolidation, many organizations are encountering significant hurdles in this journey. A SafeNet survey of more than 580 IT and security professionals explored these trends.

2014 Authentication Survey - Executive Summary

As IT teams seek to keep sensitive assets safe, while supporting the evolving adoption of cloud-based services and BYOD, authentication mechanisms need to play an increasingly central role. How are organizations adapting their authentication approaches to contend with the changes and increased risks their businesses face? This executive summary reports on a recent to survey to provide a look at the market, and where it’s heading.

Brochure - Authentication Services

Choosing the right authentication solution is critical in reducing the risks your business faces. Naturally, the best solutions have the widest range of tokens, and can protect both cloud and local applications, as well as any network access devices.

Deepening the Secure Bond between the Hardware Key and Your Application with AppOnChip - Feature Brief

Our newly launched feature of Sentinel Envelope, AppOnChip, facilitates an inseparable binding of the Sentinel hardware key to the application, providing software publishers with the most secure software protection solution available.  The protected code blocks, encrypted and signed, can then be loaded and executed on the hardware key itself. This additional security measure makes it the most secure software licensing implementation in the market.

SAS Service Provider - Brochure

Strong authentication is becoming crucial for all organizations, creating a huge market opportunity for Service Providers. Historically, Service Providers faced huge challenges rolling out authentication-as-a-service to their customers due to high upfront operational expenses and token replacements costs that did not deliver real competitive differentiation and value.

Family Brochure - SRM Cloud Services

Software licensing and entitlement management delivered in the cloud – for the cloud SERVICESThe Software Industry and the Cloud Enterprise organizations are rapidly discovering the flexibility of cloud-based applications. Recent research reveals that more than 80 percent of Enterprise organizations have already purcha

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